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Antonio Lupetti an Engineer, Pro Blogger, Mac user, Musician, Web Addicted from ROME – ITALY has released a wonderful blogger template. Actually he is a master of that template, as he himself use the template on his blog. That means, he has tested it, used it so long that he has almost cleared all the bugs in it.

I had always loved his blog template and hesitated to ask for the source code(to modify, without violating the copy rights). But to my surprise and Antonio Lupetti’s goodness, he has finally released his template source code to the public.


He has actually released the HTML version rather than XML source code, because HTML is more common than XML and we can easily modify the HTML codes using many software.
Just copy and paste the HTML codes and it will work. Many people think that, they must use only XML in blogger templates, but that’s not true, you can also use valid HTML codes.

The template looks so professional. The template supports easy integration of third-party advertisements (both AdSense or any other ad network and custom 125×125 banners), the best part for people trying to make more money is — you can integrate ads within post(look at the individual post page),Twitter, Job board, Flickr pictures, delicious bookmarks, and you may also embed RSS feeds via the FeedBurner service. And more importantly, I love the comment section of the template. It looks great. But the fact that, blogger platform doesn’t allow for user friendly commenting, we need to migrate to some other page to comment. Hope its done for spam controlling purpose!

And I think this theme works with old Blogspot users also, who haven’t migrated from the Classic HTML template yet, because this is a HTML source code, and theoretically it must work. I haven’t tried it practically, and I am waiting for someone to clear this doubt.

I was very excited to write a post about customizing the template, but Antonio Lupetti himself has done the job and he has explained the customization part of the template from Top to Bottom. Its great article and a must read if you are a blogspot user.
He explains- Adding Blog Logo, Adding tab on the navigation bar, Search field, Customizing Home Page, Your name below each post title, Adding sections on the sidebar, About me section, Recent Post*, Categories on the sidebar, etc. If you have any problem with the template, you can always contact Antonio Lupetti or do a Google Search(if its a general blogger problem).
Happy Blogging 🙂

Google SMS Channels: Group messaging System

SMSChannelsLabsLogoIts a great news for many people in India(2nd largest mobile users). Now we can publish and receive SMS messages from Google SMS Channels.
Google SMS is free for both content publishers as well as mobile phone users who subscribe to text updates via SMS.
We can create a group and send updates to all those who subscribe to our text updates, via SMS. Interestingly, we can integrate our blog using our feed and our SMS subscribers will receive the updates whenever we have a new article in our blog. And subscribers can choose when(time) and the number of SMS’s to be received through Google SMS service.

Presently there are a great variety of groups from most popular GoogleNews Channel to blogs and famous newspapers groups. We can subscribe to all these group’s updates.

We can post an update to our SMS group, using our mobile or directly from the web or automatically from our blog feeds(when there are new articles published).
We need to keep in mind that, our text updates won’t reach our SMS text update subscribers as soon as we publish something, it always arrives to their mobile inbox only at the time they have chosen to receive the updates.
If you are not getting SMS updates, then you need to look at the settings in your Google SMS account.

Hope Google will extend this service to many more countries shortly.

For a complete explanation of this service and a self explanatory help center, click here.

If you are from some other country(other than India), and if this service is available in your country also, then please share some details with us.

Get 20$ FREE Advertising credit of Bidvertiser, using paypal a/c

We could see that, many people use their paypal account for the internet transaction, than their Credit Cards. And many people contacted us about this issue, after reading this “Best Pay Per Click Network- Bidding System” article.
So we thought of writing about it, for more clarification….

We could see that, many people use their PayPal account for the internet transaction, than their Credit Cards. And many people contacted us about this issue, after reading this “Best Pay Per Click Network- Bidding System” article.

So we thought of writing about it, for more clarification….

There is an option to use PayPal. (In case you use PayPal, there is a minimum deposit of 20 USD in order to claim the 20 USD free bonus).
To fund your account, signup as Bidvertiser Advertiser. Goto “Advertisers Center” tab and hit the “Manage funds”—>”Add funds” tabs. Then select the amount that you want to transfer from your PayPal account. You can fund 20$ or 50$ or 100$ or 150$ or 200$ or 300$, the choice is left on your budget.

Select the amount and then click on “Add Fund” button. Then you will be taken to secure payment server of Bidvertiser, there you click on the ” prefer PayPal” link in the top of that page. Then you will be taken to PayPal billing page or you can login to your paypal account(see below screen shots) to fund your Bidvertiser account.

Once you start advertising and your 20$ + 20$(Free) gets finished, then you can just pause all your ads.
Do not miss this opportunity to advertiser with Bidvertiser, with FREE 20$. You can actually get lot of benefit from Bidvertiser Advertising, as you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad. No CPM costs will affect your money and you can display your ads on thousands of websites. Signup as Bidvertiser Advertiser and get one of the best Adverting deals.

Get FREE download links of 10 videos of Yaro Starak– Hurry!

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blueprint-mediumYaro Starak is getting ready to open the Blog Mastermind course, and by doing so he just launched a site with several how-to videos, that must be watched, if you are a beginner in blogosphere.

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1. Video 1 – Why You Should Use WordPress

2. Video 2 – How To Get Your Own Domain Name

3. Video 3 – How To Get A Web Host

4. Video 4 – How To Install WordPress With One Click

5. Video 5 – How To Upload Files To Your Web Host Using FTP

6. Video 6 – Choosing A WordPress Theme For Your New Blog

7. Video 7 – How To Install And Use WordPress Plugins

8. Video 8 – How To Create Your First Blog Post And Blog Page

9. Video 9 – What RSS Is And Why You Need It

10. Video 10 – How To Use Feedburner

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