Sony Ericsson Xperia Review: Cons


I purchased Xperia Arc on June 01, 2011 on my birthday. And to remind you, Samsung Gallexy S2 wasn’t released yet, and I knew it would cost more than Xperia Arc!

There are many other better smart phones available already in the market for the same price. I took this for Rs. 26650 in the month of June 2011. So I still think, it’s not a bad deal.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc!

Cons of Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc:
1. It it does not have a front camera šŸ™ Hence you can’t enjoy video calling. What an idea sur ji! 3G ka satyanas.

2. Charging port. Its damn problematic. The charger pin is like fork and if you slightly miss while plugging, it will straightly strike on your mobile screen and cause big deep scratches.(It has already happened with me šŸ™ )

3. If you decide to take off your memory card for some reason, you have to switch off the phone, remove the phone battery and then the memory card. Dude its 2011, make it fast.

4. If you disconnect your wifi, while some applications using the net is still ON, the phone freeze’s for some time, and a message pops up and asks if it has to force shutdown the app or wait till it recovers the shock!

5. It doesn’t have fake calling, like that of Samsung Monti!

6. The pouch which comes along with the phone is neat, but WTF it doesn’t have a locking system. I mean, the phone immediately slides out of the cover and falls off. No protection at all. So this nice cover is of no use, we have to take new pouch if you don’t want your phone to fall off.

7. Speakers: Sony Ericson speakers are so popular for its quality. But the battery dies in less than 8hrs.

8. Battery Backup: If used with wifi, it lasts for about 12 – 14hrs. But I once used the phone to chat with my friends for 12hrs and the battery lasted for 12hrs. Very bad.
It has got a huge battery, so thought they would have improvised it. Better luck next time.

9. Bluetooth automatically sets to invisible mode. Have to make it “Discoverable” each time. And in the beginning people may think that the phone has soon Bluetooth connectivity issues.

10. Biggest of all…. it takes a lot of time to boot. What boot time you may guess of a smart phone ? 10 seconds, 20, ok 30 ?
Well Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc takes almost 3 minutes to boot.

11. Phone freezes even when you are chatting with multiple friends and you switch between messages very fast: And well, that may be because I’m too faster than the mobile processor.

12. You can’t send sms’es to multiple contact at once. And believe me, it’s really a smart phone.

13. No 1080p HD recording.

14. And I personally didn’t like timescape app.

15. The camera click button in the side is very small. You can’t even properly hold it and press.

16. The charger wire and the USB cable(which is same: 2 in 1) is too short. We need to have a chair or table to place the phone while charging and while using as a USB device.

17. Doesn’t have a built in voice recorder..thank god we have some apps which does it. But again, inbuilt voice recorder could have been cool.

18. The charger and USB slot in the phone is too small and is very tight, so we can’t unplug the wire so easily. Over time, this slot is prone to damage quickly.

19. On the home screen we can pinch the screen to see the overview. But in the overview mode, the time stops updating!! We need to exit the overview mode inorder to see the proper time again(if we don’t have the time displayed in the upper top right corner).

20. You can’t take screen shot directly on your device(without connecting it to a PC) without rooting the phone. update: Hope this is solved with OS upgrade.

21. Threaded messaging(SMS) is cool, but once you have a lot of messages in the thread, it takes a lot of time to open and sometimes freezes and asks if it has to force close it šŸ™

22. There is no quick spot to know what apps are running in the background.
This list will grow as and when I find some faults with the device..

So should you not buy this phone ? Well, don’t come to that conclusion yet. But yes, there are already a lot of better smart phones in the market, so you surly have a lot of alternatives. But Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc isn’t that bad too. Please subscriber to read the Pros of the phone…soon to be published on this blog šŸ˜‰

For more photos, videos and specs info: Gifted Myself: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc!

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