How to Edit Videos in YouTube


Now YouTube offers basic editing tools, to edit and add effects to the uploaded videos and you can retain the same content ID to it even after the edit and save.

Videos with over 1,000 views and videos with third-party content can only be saved as new videos once edited.

Trim: You can edit cut and remove the unwanted ends of the video.
Rotate: You can rotate the video.
Stabilize: Revoke Shaky Camera Motions.


I’m Feeling Lucky: One-click fix for lighting and color.


Fill Light: Values from 0 to 5.
Contrast: Values from 0 to 5.
Saturation: Values from 0 to 5.
Color Temperature: Values from 0 to 5.

There is a “Revert to Original” button, so that you can revert to the original, if you do some mistake while editing. So, fear not, give it a try!


Effects: To add effects to the video..chose the effects from the library. YouTube with collaboration of Picnik, has made this effects look effective with just click of a button.

Finally after all the edit, hit the “Save” button at the top right hand corner to save the changes or just click on “Cancel” to cancel the edit.

Audio tab: Swap out the audio soundtrack on your video with free tracks from the library.

So give it a try, and let us know what you feel..

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