Play Snake Game On Any YouTube Video!


On this cool Sunday evening I started playing some awesome online games: The 100 Best, Free Online Flash Games

After 30min, I don’t know how, but I was on YouTube watching a video! Procrastinating 🙂
It was a huge video and it needed some time to load. With this and my gaming mood, I remembered this old trick of playing Classic Snake game on YouTube. It still works!


What I do is, pause and mute the video and activate the game.

If it is something new to you
Once you are on YouTube and on the video page, simply press the arrow keys on your keyboard, and the game will be activated.
[Make sure that the focus is on the YouTube Player.]

Game Rules
This is similar to most classic Snake Games that you can find on mobile phones. The snake has to eat the twinkling dot and the snake grows(in length). The game will end if you hit the wall(edge of the YouTube player!) or if the snakes mouth touches itself!

If you don’t see any snake after you hit the arrow keys on the keyboard, then make sure the focus is on the YouTube player. To bring the focus on the Player, click on the YouTube video Player once and press the arrow keys. This should bring up the snake game.

This doesn’t work on embedded videos, so you need to be on YouTube to play this “Snake Game”.

Snake Game can only be activated while the player is loading the video. See the above screenshot for a clue.

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