Google Chrome’s Offline Hidden Game


Did you know there is a hidden game in your regular Google Chrome browser? And it works on your computer, android and iOS devices too, when you’re disconnected from the internet.


The Game
In this simple game, there is a T-Rex dinosaur and you need to avoid hitting cacti which comes on T-Rex’s way. After every 100 points you score there is some music variation to mark the celebration. The background music is somewhat similar to our old video games and the game itself is quite refreshing and sometimes addictive.

Watch on YouTube.

How to Play?
You need to avoid the obstacles on T-Rex’s way by jumping – use your keyboards SPACE bar key to jump. That’s it.

Note that your score won’t be saved, it’ll be lost once you refresh the chrome browser. This game seems to be in place just to keep the user engaged while the internet connection is back!

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