Major Design Makeover: Orkut!


Many people have been predicting that Orkut will shut down shortly! But nothing is convincing Orkut management to shut-it-down. The pig-headed discipline continues, and they are rolling out a major design enhancement shortly.

There is no “invite only” dramas; everyone will see the new design in 2 weeks time. Orkut Team is said to be busy in rolling out the new designs to all the Orkut users.





Source: Orkut blog

So, here are the interesting design changes:
1. Left navigation: To help you get to the most popular features easily.
2.Larger profile photo: A popular request. [Be sure to upload a higher resolution photo of yourself!]
3. Full profile view: Lets you and your friends see your info, interests, badges, testimonials and recent photos and videos.
4. New fullscreen slideshow for photos. [Similar to that found in Facebook!]

As far I’m concerned, I’m somewhat happy with the new design.
If you have forgot your Orkut password, then recover it and have a look at the new design.

All the best Orkut; I don’t know why, but, many of my female friends spend a lot of time in Orkut. Not sure how they spend their time in Orkut!
Orkut needs to add more modules: I mean, it has to add some more useful/engaging features. Otherwise, it’s hard to spend time in Orkut.

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  1. That’s better from the side of Google. Facebook is giving it the ‘toughest’ competition possible and something like this can lift it up again. It also feels bad that an Indian master-piece is slowly disintegrating.

    I liked the way you said ” If you forgot your Orkut password …”, but it suits people who use other than Google account to login-to it!.

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