Awesome Picnik photo editor: now on Orkut too


Picnik is a photo editing application which connects with all the major photo sharing sites like Flickr, PhotoWorks and integrates seamlessly with a variety of websites including Facebook, MySpace, Picasa Web, Webshots, Lexmark,, Photobucket etc (and now Orkut)..

PikNik On Orkut

With all these integration, picnik has bought us the facility of editing our photos seemlessly without ever having to leaving Facebook or Orkut.

Picnik was acquired by Google on 3/10

Some helpful resources:
Chrome extension of Picnik.
Picnik Facebook App. (You will get confused, if you open Facebook as well as Orkut picnik app at once in the same browser. It will show the same edit session in both apps.)
Picnik Facebook fanpage.
Picnik for Drupal.
Picnik Mozilla add-on.
Picnik on Twitter.

Business Strategy used
Picnik has a premium version of its editing tool that will give you more advanced features for around $25 a year. Users can use the tool even without registering an account, but the free version is ad supported and the low cost premium account gets rid of these ads. Pretty simple and straight forward strategy.

Picnik On Orkut
You can find picnik app integrated by default, when you visit your photo album and click on any individual photo. Picnik has a rich set of features to spice up the photos and to make the sharing experience great.

locate PikNik On Orkut

In Dec 2007, Picnik won the Macworld Editors’ Choice Award in the Web category.

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