PayPal Button for Accepting Payment For Multiple Products



Q: I want to add a PayPal button to my
Coaching Programme page wherein I
have 3 services to offer. I want to use
PayPal and get payment’s automatically
into my paypal account and get notified whenever
some one pays.

For this to work, you must have a Business account with PayPal.

Log into PayPal, click on Profile under My Account tab. In the “Selling Preferences section” click on “My Saved Buttons” link or “Create New Button” link.

In the right hand side, click on “Create new button” link.


Now it’s a simple 3 step process:
Step 1: Choose a button type and enter your payment details
Step 2: Track inventory, profit & loss (optional)
Step 3: Customise advanced features (optional)

Under “Customize button” in Step 1, you can customize the PayPal button to have those drop downs. Ex: If you have 2 or 3 products to sell, you can use this option.
Multiple prices
If you need more than one price for an item (e.g. you are providing 3 services with 3 different fee), leave this price field blank. Instead, in the Customize button box, check ‘Add drop-down menu with price/option’, and then enter your prices in the price fields that appear.

All these above steps are self explanatory and depends on your needs. You may be interested in onetime payment, someone may be interested in monthly subscription model and so on..there are options to customize the PayPal button based on your needs.

Getting Notification When Someone Pays
If you are not getting payment notification, then go to profiles, under My Account tab. Click on “Website Payment Preferences” under “Selling Preferences” section and configure it to get the notifications.
Change these settings only if you are not getting the notifications.

After configuring these simple 1-2-3 steps, you will get a HTML code, that you have to paste into your blog page, wherever you want this button to appear.

Make sure you check the button before launching your product. I hope PayPal doesn’t allow you to make a test payment using your own PayPal account, so you will either have to get help from a friend or use your wife’s PayPal account! Testing is crucial.

Customers can pay with Visa/Mastercard without joining as PayPal members.
PayPal has millions of users, so you can provide another option for them to buy your product or service.
Setup Shopping cart, buy now button, subscription option etc for free.
It’s secure. And people trust PayPal, most importantly because, they will not be giving Credit Card information whenever they buy a product or service.
You can set up the options in PayPal, so that you get the exact profit and lose stats.
You can automatically calculate Tax(if the option is enabled while creating the button).
You can get extra payment from your customers, by showing a second payment option for shipping.

A Demo Button(that actually works!)


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  1. Cool information. Makes me believe that we can now get a button for anything…:P
    But, the recent changes effected by RBI are really bad for an Indian-paypal users!.

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