Google Ad Manager BETA, with some improvements

Google Ad Manager Release Notes

Google Ad Manager is a Service, using which we can handle our private advertisers..
Ad Manager offers a wealth of features to help you with:


Google Ad Manager Release Notes


Google Ad Manager is a Service, using which we can handle our private advertisers..

Ad Manager offers a wealth of features to help you with:


Inventory management

Yield optimization
Ad targeting
Trafficking, ad delivery, and order booking
Creatives and rich media management
User interface navigation
Account administration
Google Ad Manager delivers all of your directly-sold and network-based inventory

On August 1st 2008, Google Added some features into its AdManager…Here is a small list:

  • Creative preview on your site – You can now preview a creative on your site to test the creative before the campaign starts. Learn more here.
  • New look and feel – Google has changed the style and overall appearance of the product. While most things remain in the same place, it may take a few moments to adjust to the new look.
  • Additional languages – Ad Manager is now available in three new languages: French, Italian, and Ukrainian.
  • Unlimited flight dates – Originally you could only set unlimited flight dates for ad network orders. Now you can set unlimited flight dates on any Exclusive, Remnant, or House order that has an unlimited impression goal.

If you have any additional questions about this release, Google encourage you to visit the Ad Manager Help Center, and for complete resource for all Ad Manager topics. Also, feel free to join the Ad Manager Help Forum to share any questions, comments, and best practices you have with other Ad Manager users.

Remember, Google Ad Manager is still in BETA and if your website is designed to have direct ad sales, then you can apply for it here. But Google only selects certain websites for its BETA testing. We are happy that, our blog ( has been approved for this BETA testing long before, and its been nice to use the Free service to get maximum benefit from each ad spot.

2 thoughts on “Google Ad Manager BETA, with some improvements”

  1. My application to Google AdManager also got approved by Google. But still i don’t know how to use it. I feel it is very hard to use while comparing with other tools i have used so far. So i am using OpenX which is free and also Open Source. I am looking for a good guide to Google Ad Manager.

  2. @Techie, Its difficult to use it in the beginning, but will be ok after we get used to it. Its really simple to use. Just go to “Ad Manager Help Center” and “Ad Manager Help Forum” to learn some basics[links are provoided in the above article]. I also learnt many things about Google AdManager there only.
    And about OpenX….Its a great software to use, and its FREE. But the only problem with this is, the software will be installed in our server, and whenever there is a request sent to it, it will consume our bandwidth. On the other hand, Google AdManager is hosted on Google Servers and the Ad serving is fast. So, I think, you should reconsider your decision.

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