Valuable SEO Guidelines for WordPress Bloggers


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When you think of setting up a WordPress blog it is very important that you follow certain things to get your website to a good ranking with various search engines. There are many factors that you need to focus on in order to improve the search engine ranking of your WordPress site. Here are some of them you need to consider.


Search engines keep changing their algorithms from time to time in order to prevent spam. Therefore, you need to remain well informed on updates from Google and check fluctuations in site statistics. The title of your post is considered as a most important thing in search engine algorithms. This is the thing that a visitor looks for in any search engine page while conducting a search.

You need to be innovative while creating a title and ensure that it makes sense. The title should include the keyword while clearly explaining what the reader can expect to read in the content. Quality content improves search engine ranking to a great extent. Make sure you do not overuse the keywords in your content as it is an issue with search engines.

Simply rewriting the content from one single source is not considered as rich content by top search engines. It can also be considered as content spinning. They don’t mind if you refer to various sources as long as you include a few more things to add more value to the content. You need to provide the readers with something fresh which they won’t find on other sites.

Once you start publishing superior content on your WordPress blog, you won’t just be able to target prospects but will also see an increase in inbound relevant links. You can provide readers with links to various other quality blogs. Don’t force the links, but let it flow naturally in your content so as to enhance user experience. Linking to superior sites is considered as good sign by search engines.


However, you need to make sure you keep a proper balance between top-quality content and outbound links. By offering valuable information through outbound links, you will not just take your WordPress blog to a higher level but will also gain respect and trust from the reader.

Make sure your pages do not take long to load. This will help you attract more traffic as visitors don’t like browsing pages which waste time in loading. Using WordPress super cache plug-in saves a lot of time as you can store an actual static page. Hence, no time is wasted when anyone requests for a page download.

You also need to focus on niche. Visitors won’t appreciate it if you try to distract them from their topics of interest. If a visitor has to go through a number of links to actually get to what he needs, he would rather start looking for another site for information and loosing even a single visitor makes a difference. It will definitely affect the ranking of your blog.

As and when the search engine algorithms change, you need to make changes in your strategies accordingly so that you do not lose your ranking. To draw significant traffic to your site, you need to have a lot of quality content. SEO optimization is an ongoing process and it might even take around a year before you see good results.

People are covering all different niches in order to attract more and more traffic to their sites. If you do not do constant analysis, things can go wrong within no time. The competition for page rankings is so fierce that you won’t even realize when your WordPress blog will lose the search engine ranking.

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  1. Use of SEO plugins is also highly recommended.Though WordPress platform by itself has good SEO, a plugin can help add meta tags and description which can further boost your search engine rankings.

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