Earn From Your Mobile Phone!

Update: Scroll down to check about YouMint – better way to earn from your mobile phone!

mGinger is the first of its kind opt-in permission-based mobile marketing platform in India, where you can get cool discounts/offers as well as incentives for helping your family and friends get these discounts/offers(by referring them to mGinger). And not to forget, mGinger also allows you to send free SMS. what else we can ask for ? Money, free sms, great deals.

The idea is simple: You have to signup your mobile number and email ID, and specify your interests and the time when you want to get information about these items.

To keep you interested and informed, mGinger also gives incentives for every ad you receive and for each ad received by people in your network upto two levels of referrals(explained below).

So, the more people you refer to mGinger(via the link you get inside your mGinger a/c once you signup), the more you could earn.

Incentives per ad received:
You: 20ps;
Referral level 1: 10ps;
Referral level 2: 5ps;

If you refer 100 people and in turn those 100 people together refer 300 people, you will have 400 people in your network.

You get 10 ads: so you earn (10 x 0.20) Rs = 2Rs
Referral level 1: 100 people, receive 5 ads each, so (100x5x0.10)Rs = 50Rs.
Referral level 2: 300 people, receive 5 ads each, so (300x5x0.05)Rs = 75Rs.

So you earn a total of Rs. 127
(What if you refer 1000 people and they inturn refer 3000 people in total? Calculate.)
Everyone and their neighbor has cell phones these days. Well, have you seen some one without one!

Once you accumulate Rs. 300 in your account, you are entitled to receive cheque from mGinger.

Your earnings depends on the number of people you refer, your profile information and the number of relevant campaigns running.

So keep referring more and more people(without spamming them ofcourse) and get more money and I’m sure your family and friends will thank you for introducing to something so cool.

You also earn when you and your referral receive promotional emails from mGinger.

Will mGinger make me rich ?
So, do you think mGinger will make you rich over night ? No.
It could provide you with some pocket money which you could use for your evening coffee with friends.

The real advantage is the money it can save you by providing you with real big discounts/offers on quality branded items.

mGinger has also started new deals, where they provide quality branded items for huge discounts. No bidding or lucky draws involved. You pay and you get it, with huge discounts.

With the introduction of “deals” mGinger has started sending more discount/offer sms’s, hence allowing us to make some more money from the ads we receive.

Is it a new type of scam in the city?
No. It’s not a scam. They actually pay. I have got my payments too. You can actually visit their home page and look at the number and the amount they have actually paid to their users.


Does the company really Pay?
Yes. Below is a proof. It’s my first cheque I got from mGinger, with a nice thank you note.


(Click on above images to enlarge..)

There are many other companies that might be running with the same concept, but I have tried many and non are actually good or anywhere near to the quality of mGinger. So I would recommend you to join mGinger and refer your family and friends to it.
Remember, money saved is money earned(and mGinger also pays you for saving your money!).


R.I.P mGinger
To our disappointment, mGinger has discontinued it’s operation without intimating its users.
we have found a better alternative to mGinger. Introducing YouMint, which existed even at the time of mGinger, but we thought mGinger as more trust worth(we were proved wrong).

Signup to YouMint ..

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