Small Problem with Yahoo Buzz! and its Quick Solution


After Yahoo Buzz! was officially launched, we were eager to start using it on our blog, and experience the buzz. But from the first day itself we could find that, we could not submit our stories to Yahoo Buzz!

wrong-method-of-submission-yahoo-buzzAnd the same error message is being shown now also. So what is the use of Yahoo Buzz! releasing to public? They could have solved the problem before the official launch.

Anyway, we could luckily and unknowingly found the simple way to submit the story to Yahoo Buzz!
The above error message comes only when you try to submit any story by right clicking on Yahoo Buzz! button and opening it in new window….!

Do not submit any story by right clicking on buzz! button and opening it in new window, it will show you the error message. So just directly click(Mouse – right click) on the “Buzz!” button and it will open in new window and you will be taken to the proper page to submit your story.

Many of you might be knowing this, but still I thought to share it with you, because I saw in many blogs and they were writing that Yahoo Buzz! is not at all working from the day they are open to all. But now you also know that(atleast after reading this post), its not true. Yahoo Buzz! is working fine, but Yahoo! surly need to make some improvements to it.
And as I have observed, both way of submission works fine for those who had got the opportunity to test Yahoo Buzz! before it was released to the general public. And as I just investigated it a bit, I found that the source code that they are using to display the Yahoo Buzz! button is different then that used by the general public!
Hope Yahoo! will soon consider the interests of the general public also, as the population of general public in much much much more than its selective members!
That was just my thoughts flowing while writing this article…..
Please share your experience so far with Yahoo Buzz!. Its difficult to tell about any service so early, but still you can share your early experience with it in the comment section, and lets all learn something out of everybodies experience.
Also (Vote)Buzz! this story to Yahoo Buzz!, if you find it useful.

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