Problem with Orkut Chat: its Solution


Can not chat with some friends in Orkut ?

Orkut Chat feature has been rolled-out to almost all the Orkut accounts. And many people are facing some annoying problem with it. i.e., they are able to chat with some friends and are not able to chat with some other friends, even though both of then have enabled and are available for chat!
This is due to the permission set in your Orkut account settings.

Goto “Settings ” and click on “Chat” tab. Now click on the group of friends that you want to chat with and block the friends with whom you don’t want to chat. You can individually select, with whom you want/don’t want to chat with, by clicking on the small arrow symbol(which is highlighted in the above image).
After selecting/deselecting the friends to chat/not to chat with, click on save button.

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  1. @jitendra, Do as directed in above article, if it doesn’t work: then use new version of Mozilla Firefox and try it.
    I have its due to browser incompatibility.

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