11 thoughts on “College Forum Logo/Banner Design”

  1. Wonderful buddy. You are really a pro in this. I liked most of them, but disliked a few. If I compare these designs with your blog logo, your blog logo really sucks 😛

    What I feel looking at your designs is that you should start a tutorial section on this blog to teach all us how you create such wonderful designs. I agree there are loads available online, but the one we learn from friend is much better than learning from some pro whom we don’t know. Please consider this point.

    Among the ones given 2,6,7 are not as impressive as others and few are little comparable with skype 😐 You must reconsider logo design for your blog in free time…

    Even I along with 2 of my friends took the responsibility to design the banners for the grand event in our college e-utsav. Our batch was the first to make everything by ourselves, our seniors and juniors suck in that to get designed by local designers 🙁 . Bad part is that I don’t have soft copies of banners designed due to hard disk crash of my friend 🙁 . This year, they asked me to design the website for the event and all was done in a hurry within 2 hours.

    1. @Pavan Kumar, Thanks Pavan. I did these banners almost 2 years back, just thought of sharing them with you guys.
      About my blog logo, I had so many nice designs, with lot of attractive images, but liked the present one because I always wanted it to be minimalistic. Technotip.org theme also looks simple, so I thought this minimalistic logo would suite the best. Anyway, will look into it again, in my free time.
      And running a tutorial on my blog about designing would not provide any value to my readers. Will consider it, when I learn some more designing skills.
      And about e-utsav: I have seen the banners dude, its good looking. And one thing I was wondering when EC department guys announced about the e-utsav competitions was, how do these guys get time to arrange all these things, despite having lot of things to study(EC!), writing assignments, internals, externals, davana (still more are there, but exceptional) etc 🙁

      B/w your blog logo looks very good.

  2. Well, the banners this time are done by professional people, not students… It was done by us during our batch – 2007. Well, these events are mainly taken care by 6th sem students and by that time, most of us used to be placed in companies and never cared for studies 😛 Davana has no relation with EC, its mainly mech guys and with intention to make huge money… Believe me, we engg graduates only have degree, but not knowledge 😉

  3. Should really agree with Pavan Kumar who stated his opinion about your logo.

    I probably should not be commenting on your logo as my blog does not even have a logo yet and I am planning over something cool, but not really paying any attention to it.

    Some logos up there are mostly taken up from free logo designs, I suppose.

    1. @Pavan Kumar, @Team Nirvana, Will review my logo after some time.
      All the above banners were inspired by many free logo’s. I dint know about designing at that time. But all those banners were designed by me and are original.

  4. You logo is simple and yet i loved it!
    The logo got embedded itself perfectly with this theme..
    So simple and the ORG font and color highlighted the extension.

    And your logos rocked!

    I really loved many of them and expecially 1,7,8,9,13,14 B-)
    Would be great if you can share the psds and the fonts used.

    1. @Jagan, I don’t have any psds, will share them if I can get them some how. Those banners were designed 2 years back.
      Will try to do some more logos and banners and share it will all readers.

      And thanks for the good words about our blog logo 🙂

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