On April 1st 2009, GMail turned 5


Its not an April Fool prank. Google might have also found it quite embarrassing to put the Birth Day doodle on Google.com yesterday(on 1st of April).
But sometimes GMail seem to be making fool out of us, by showing errors, mainly while using the lab apps! Anyway, GMail is still in BETA, so no complaints!

Five years ago, before Gmail was launched it was just used for the internal messaging requirement in Google Inc. Later with the users request and a lot of inconvenience with other mailing services(mainly for storage), Google decided to take the step towards email service, which mainly aimed at providing faster and spacious mail box to each user.

Even though GMail is still in its Beta, it has improved a lot from its initial days, making its users more and more lazy by adding more and more features which lessens our job 🙂
From its simple text based plain emailing feature to the newly added video chat. From its invite only to, open to general public. Every move seem to be have taken more carefully and thus making it our favorite email service 🙂 ..ok most of our favorite mailing service. I have seen most of the bloggers use GMail and are addicted to check their mail 5 to 6 times a day. Crazy, isn’t it ? And orkut, FaceBook, communities having millions of GMail fans. With all these crazy fans and useful apps, service, GMail turns 5. We wish GMail and GMail team a brighter future ahead.

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