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This is just a small security enhancement found in Gmail. Anyway, many times these small things help us a lot, so lets not ignore it.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer or HTTPS is a URL scheme used to indicate a secure HTTP connection.

gmail-mail-logoHttps keeps your mail encrypted as it travels between your web browser and the servers, so someone sharing your favorite coffee shop’s public wifi can’t read it. Your bank and credit card websites use this same protocol to protect your financial data.

Gmail use https to protect our password every time we log into Gmail, but it does not use https once we are  inside Gmail, unless you ask for it (by visiting rather than

And the downside is that https can make your mail slower. Your computer has to do extra work to decrypt all that data, and encrypted data doesn’t travel across the internet as efficiently as unencrypted data. That’s why Google leave the choice up to the users.

There are two options to select from. One is to bookmark and then use it everytime we login to Gmail. Orelse we can set it inside our Gmail Settings. Below are the screen shots….

First click on settings. And then search for the option, in the General tab.



Select whichever option you are convenient with.

It is good to see that, Gmail supports https scheme. But we can see that, some other Google services like Google Toolbar doesn’t support https scheme. Lets hope that Google is hard at work, to implement https protocol scheme to all its services.

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