Have Navigation links both in header as well as in Footer


We have seen many blogs having no navigation links in the footer. I also use to think, Whats the need of a navigation link again in footer, when we have it in the header!
Until one day I realized while I was reading the articles of some of my favorite blogs on a mobile phone.
Its not that difficult to scroll up and click on the navigation menu in the header while we are using our Computers to surf, but it really becomes hard and sometimes really annoying when we are reading long articles using a mobile phone. After reading the whole article, when we want to navigate to the homepage or somewhere else, we need to scroll up, and it takes a lot of time. It takes so long that, sometimes we may even forget what we were looking for in the navigation menu πŸ™‚
And another thing to be noticed is, people are lazy and they need more options or else they will just not even think of navigating to some other pages of our blog! — Seems to be funny, but its true.
Regular readers of our blog wont get discouraged by not seeing the navigation links at the footer, but its the search engine traffic and those who are new to our blog, who get confused or feel lazy to scroll up and see if the navigation is available in the header part.
So if you are thinking of converting search engine traffic to your regular readers, then you must seriously consider adding navigation links to your footer soon.
Main navigation links to consider are:
Subscription links. And you may also consider using anchor tag, which takes you to β€œtop” of you blog quickly.
Copyrights, Policies etc.

People are used to using the footer navigation links, as many mainstream websites and many “A” grade bloggers blogs are using this footer navigation links. So there is no option than following this on our blog too. And its commonsense that, people who read the entire article and/or even comments will surly endup at the footer of our blog, so there should be some way to get them to the desired location or if we place some navigation link at the footer, they may see it and may just feel like visiting some other places of our blog. This is the main reason why many popular themes are using “Most popular articles”, “recent articles” link and the authors information links at the footer of the blog.

Another reason to use the footer navigation links would be, it looks professional and the footer doesn’t look empty and it adds up to the users good experience.
If you succeed in making lazy people(using internet) feel comfortable using your blog, then you already won the race for 50% πŸ™‚

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