Google Docs improved: Now with instant templates


Google Docs was/is of great help from the day it launched, but today we have a speacial reason to thank Google Docs Team. That is, they have launced a  new template gallery for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Now, whether you need business cards, letterhead, or employee time sheets, you don’t have to start from a blank slate. Find the template that’s right for you and start customizing it with your information – you’ll save time on formatting and formulas.

To access the template gallery:

1. Log in to your Google Apps account at (Be sure to replace ‘’ with your actual domain name.)
2. Click ‘New’
3. Select ‘From template…’

or click here and login with your Google account.

Many templates leverage the collaborative aspect of Google Docs so that several people can work on a single document online without having to email attachments back and forth. To hear the story behind two templates, watch these videos:

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