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HyperWebEnable is a web 2.0 company offering reliable web services and online advertising based on the foundation of robust web techniques. HyperWebEnable is located in Bay area, California.
As far we know, hyperwebenable provides free domain(also free renewal) [] and free hosting. Seems to be unbelievable right? But its true. They have some innovative concepts, which enables them to give all these for free.. We were excited to talk to the CEO of the company Mr.Lakshman Kumar. And here is the interview with him. You can also ask him questions in the comment section, if you have any!

1. We are curious to know about your service. Please explain briefly. is the service which provide users with complete
website for the blog rather than sub domain. We provide complete domain to the user like; While most other blog services provide sub domains like We want to provide maximum service to the bloggers by providing email services and add on features for their blog.

2. Whats the long term benefits for you, as a company?

We are a fast growing business. With 500 domains currently registered
under our service and 4 million monthly impressions and growing, we foresee a bright future down the road.

3. What are the common mistakes that people do, after registering their domain from you?

The most common mistake they do is not updating there blog often and do not generate any traffic for there website.

4. How big / small is your company?

We have 3 team members in US and we have 3 developers in support center in Hyderabad in India.

5. Can we know about the configuration of the server you use to host the websites?

All our servers are quad core Intel dedicated servers .

6. We see that you have partnership with Guruji. Ghost, VYEW, CPME2PLaY. Can we know whats the benefits of these partnerships for you as a company and for your customers?

We have partnerships with other companies to provide more services for the user like ghost for webOS service and vyew for web conference service and guruji for search service to the bloggers.

7. Do you think, a serious blogger who want to earn his living from his blog should go with his own domain & hosting or he has to obtain it from HyperWebEnable?

We are providing all the services free and also we provide support if your blog has issues. Why pay money for services that we already provide for free?

8. What about the uptime records of your servers?

we are maintaining 99.6% uptime for our servers until now.

9. We can see that, there are some very good blogs using your services. And we have also seen them getting lot of traffic. And we have heard that, you provide lot of support, tips and tricks to get traffic and build the site. Can we know more about this?

When we provide the domain to our customer we also provide them with tutorials and optimization tips for SEO. For generating traffic the most important thing is to get link backs and the easiest way to get the linkback is by submitting links to blog directories and link share with other members.

10. Please share about your business model.

Our business model is, we provide complete services to the bloggers and in turn we place 2 banners in your website which generates revenue to provide the service.

11. Is this your full time job?

No I work full time in a company. I spend 3 hours for hyperwebenable and we have full time team of 3 people in Hyderabad .

12. Whats your advice for a person who is new to blogging and want to create an account with or ?

Most blog service have very few features, compared to ours. They do not provide email and they do not provide ftp service and you can’t add more features like forum or cms for your blog. Most of all we provide the kind of support and flexibility that most bloggers miss.

13. Share some of the strict rules(policies) that your customers should follow, inorder to be your customer?

Only one simple rule is to be active and generate good traffic for the website provided by us.

14. Earning opportunity using your services?

User can earn money from the blog provided by us. May be by placing some Google ads or any other ads in their website. We do not have any restriction on the number of ads or type of ads they put on the website.

15. What are the future plans for HyperWebEnable?

We are planning to grow faster in coming days and reach 1000 websites in end of this year and also planning expand our services to wide range of people.

16. Why do you think people should use your service?

Our service is more flexible and transparent compared to other blog service and we provide more control to the users, on their website.

17. Is there any fixed number of ads served by you or is it fluctuating?

We usually place 2 banners in the website provided by us.

18. Under Whose name will the domain be registered?

The domain will be registered under HyperWebEnable.

19. If someone already have a website, and needs to terminate as he is not able to pay for his domain and hosting. In such case will you provide free hosting, for already existing domain and transfer the hosted files to hyperwebenable?

Yes we will provide free hosting service even in such cases. But the site will come under our terms and conditions of service.

20. Presently your Office is located at ?

We do not have physical office every one works at home its virtual
office every one is connected by Internet by VOIP services

21. Do you read blogs? Which are your favorite?

I do not have time to read blogs and I do not have blog of my own.

22. By your name, you seem to be an Indian. Can you please share about your past and present life with our readers?

I am Indian, I am from a village of Andhra Pradesh. I am presently in
silicon valley in california USA. I have done by computers engineering from SV university in Andhra Pradesh. Later I worked in Hyderabad for couple of companies like Orillion, ADP wilco and Wipro for 3 years.
I have moved 2 years back to USA and I started
service on first quarter of 2008.

23. How does your day look like? You seem to be a busy man!

My day starts with going to my full time job and back by 7:00 at evening and at evening I start working on for 3-4 hours and talking to Indian team.

24. Whats your opinion about Internet Business and the real world jobs? Which one do you prefer and why?

Running internet business takes more time to earn revenue to survive but once you get enough revenue to survive its always better then the normal job. You can work on your choice of time.
But normal job we have to travel to office and work on the office timings.

We had a nice time chatting with Lakshaman Kumar, CEO of hyperwebenable. For more details and latest updates about the service visit hypewebenable. Hope you enjoyed reading the interview. And please pass this interview link to all your friends whom you think it will be of some use(Free Domain & Hosting πŸ™‚ ). And please share your thoughts in the comment section.

14 thoughts on “Free Domain and Hosting — Interview with HyperWebEnable”

  1. And alomst an year ago, exactly when hyperwebenable just started with a static one page made website,
    i got a mail from this guy asking me to test his services.
    I was reluctant then.
    The only reason, i asked him to push the domain to me for which he was not ready.

    I’m happy now for not being with hyperwebenable πŸ™‚
    And i do not recommend this to whom ever who have very serious plans about blogging.
    When you do not have control over your domain, ridiculous is the only word i have to say. What is this guy pulls off your domain when you get ultra popularity of huggeee profit?

    And for exclusive reader of technotip, here is my offer – I ‘ll host your sites for free with your own cpanel 11 πŸ™‚ with damn good features.
    Domain must be yours though!

  2. It was after a lot of thought that i decide to shift all my blogs to service and what started with 2 subdomains for my 2 blogs, i now have 4 subdomains for my 4 current blog.. HWE turned my dream of having a domain and email ids of my own domain into reality.. my google earnings improved big time too… n what to say about the prompt help… you send a mail one day be it about any problem or to get a new subdomain for my new blog model, everything is done by next day….

    This is really a great service…

  3. I have been with hwe for more than a year. They did have bad times in the past, even I myself had suffered due to some stupidity I did by editing htaccess when I did not know anything. Apart from those little bad experiences, it has been a very good journey for me.

    I really appreciate Lakshman, because he is the one and he is the first to think of such a nice idea of business. Even today, I don’t know any such service which provide free domain + hosting. To be frank, the hwe servers of today are highly powerful and I see a continuous 100% uptime. Even my site performance is very good. I also have experience with dreamhost. What I can say is, dreamhost is good till it sucks, when it starts sucking, it sucks like hell. But with hyperwebenable, when they found servers getting loaded, they have always taken right actions to move sites to new servers and also upgrade the existing servers. I dont say hwe is superior than dh, but I have seen many people leaving dh because of bad servers, but not is the same case with hwe. People do leave hwe, or even sometimes get terminated for not meeting terms, but server is not the reason behind all these.

    I am satisfied at hwe and would like to continue with them… πŸ™‚

  4. For almost an hour discussion with laxman, CEO of hyperwebenable, i can conclude these few points.

    1. He’s very much cool, convincing and polite. Impressed me a lot.
    2. This is his business model and is very keen in developing this.
    3. Hyperwebenable provides free domain and hosting. But you will have no rights on the domain and you can NEVER get the domain to your hands at whatever cost later.
    4. Currently, there is no upgrade plan to get rid of the banner ads.
    5. HWE doesn’t sell your domains to anyone else or to yourself even.

    The domain, the hosting and the service is free as long as you are with them πŸ™‚

  5. This is way ahead of what I had in my mind for all these years. I had been thinking about the similar approach, to provide the user-chosen-domains-at-my-expense, but always had a thought nagging at the back which stated like, what’s in it for me?

    But Kudos to Lakshman to carry out this plan. I hope his success is not far though. In the time to come, I feel that there would be a similar kind of offers from others too.

  6. @Jagan, I am knowing Lakshman from past 4 or 5 months and I think that his idea of giving FREE domain and hosting is a great thing. I personally know many people who cannot pay(mainly credit card problems) for a Domain and Hosting, but they are highly talented! For people like them hyperwebenable is like a magic lamp < -- its just one example. And there are many more people who will surly find such service very helpful. And I highly appreciate for taking your time and talking to Lakshman, I was really happy to see your 2nd comment:). A lot of things have changed(improved)with HWE over time. And your offer(in your 1st comment) to help readers is awesome. I really want to help the readers in every possible way, and your offer will surly help in that direction. And there should be lots of testimonials coming, because there are almost 400 websites up and running, which use HWE. @vaibhav gera, Nice to see that this service has helped you to fulfill your dreams. And your comment convey us that HWE is reliable. Please keep an eye on this article and even subscribe to the comment section here, as I think you can answers some of the questions here better then me, as you are using HWE and you know more internal things. Your comments will help lot of people. @Sham, Thanks for the comments. HWE guys will surly be happy to see your positive reactions. And it would be of great help, if you can inform about this service to your friends. @Belajar Seo, Thanks buddy. Motivates me to do more πŸ™‚ @Pavan Kumar, Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us. Uptime and the loading time(speed) of HWE enabled sits, was one of the main reasons for taking HWE seriously. Because many people will start giving services but we need to see which one is good among them. HWE seem to be giving very good uptime(99.6% really professional), good bandwidth, personal email ID's etc, all for free. Actually I was monitoring HWE enabled sites to check for its uptime and reliability, my tests turned positive. Congrats to HWE πŸ™‚ And I feel that you are the key person here, who can answer to some of the questions about HWE to our readers/commentators. You know HWE better. For some of the complicated questions we can ask Lakshman to answer. Thanks a lot for your comment, it really took off much of my work πŸ™‚

  7. @Team Nirvana,
    Interesting to know that you had similar plans. I think monetizing is important for any business to carry out smoothly, it all depends on the business plan. Not every online business suits adsense πŸ™‚

    There are already some others who provide similar service, but HWE has many advantages over them. My favorite would be its uptime/reliability, customer support. I also wish them a great success. Thanks for the comment.

  8. I liked the concept of HWE but always had this fear of reliability.What if the service goes down suddenly just because there aren’t any good returns.This alone stopped me from using this.

  9. so far , we had good experience with HWE . its Admin
    team had been very helpful in providing ftp access
    and getting google mail service for the domain .

    Every web host has certain advantages & disadvantages

    we hope to have good relation with HWE although
    they do not grant us the domain rights & cpanel !

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