Digg.com to replace its SHOUT feature


Digg.com has decided to replace its infamous Shout feature with Share the story on Twitter, FaceBook and email. And this feature is expected to be rolled out to all users this weekend.

Its inevitable for Digg to give importance to Twitter and FaceBook which has grown up so fast.

Many bloggers and online marketers feel that this move from Digg will be welcomed happily by its users.

This move has both advantages as well as disadvantages:
1. There will be constant exchange of traffic between twitter, FaceBook and digg. This is advantage for Digg, as people will not forget Digg over time 🙂
2. We feel connecting with people as more fun in Twitter and FaceBook than to be friend in Digg.com, where the main intention to make friendship may be to get more Diggs!
3. This gives more reasons to join Twitter and FaceBook, if you yet don’t have an account.
4. Now we can expect the end of monopoly of Digg power users! Now it may be the turn of Twitter power users 🙂
But we can convince a twitter user to re-tweet our tweets, if the story is really interesting. But in Digg, people will most probably ignore our requests as 90% of them would be spam 🙁
5. Spammers can not easily target Twitter and FaceBook users, as we are more choosy in following someone. And others can’t hurt our privacy.


1. We can not connect with like minded people on digg!
2. We need to be popular somewhere else to get our article to the front page of Digg!
3. We may start getting more spam mails than ever before, if not handled properly.
4. Spammers may try more innovative means to spam Twitter and FaceBook.

We can already see the integration of Twitter, FaceBook and EMAIL as means to share the stories in DIGG BAR. But the Digg bar wasn’t received by digg users happily. Only way Digg can improve itself is by constant testing, testing and testing, and implementing things according to user feedback.

What do you feel about this move from DIGG ?.

2 thoughts on “Digg.com to replace its SHOUT feature”

  1. “Its inevitable for Digg to give importance to Twitter and FaceBook which has grown up so fast.”

    Yes, even the big player Google is trying to partner with Twitter for providing users with latest and hottest news, trends.

    “There is a presumption that somehow you cannot have multiple solutions that co-exist,” Schmidt said. He then indicated that perhaps a partnership was more likely: “We do not have to buy everybody to work with them, the whole principle of the Web is people can talk to each other.” – from Webware article

    “the search engine’s chairman and chief executive, Eric Schmidt, hinted that it could become a partner of the micro-blogging site.” – from guardian.co.uk

    1. @Hariharakumar, Thanks for sharing this here.
      After a rumored failure of talks of acquisition, Google is trying to partner with Twitter and perhaps want to index their search results(real time). Google has admitted that their search is not real time when compared to that of twitter. The partnership will make Google to stay in the market as number 1.

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