Some Adnetwork showing Adsense ads on its homepage!


As I was doing a bit of research about ad networks, and I found a ad network, which claims to be the best adnetwork.

When I visited their website, I saw Google Adsense ads on their homepage!
Now let me not mention its name and ruin its business.
Now how can you promote any product/service when yourselves don’t have 100% belief on your product/service.
When they use Adsense, that means Adsense gives more revenue then their ad network.
I know that this Adnetwork is only for some countries and they mainly target, contents that interests those country visitors- This is cool πŸ™‚ .. But the cost per click is too low πŸ™ .
Anyway, one of my personal opinion is– do not use your rivals products/service or competitors product/service and try to promote your service/product, people will never get confidence in your product/service if you do like this.
Many loyal customers may also turn their face from you. You should use your products/service and show others that you have full faith in what you are promoting/using/recommending. Be a model yourself, when it comes to using your products/services.
And many of you may think that, this ad network may be for those people who have been banned from Adsense. I guess, thats not at all true. Think from the perspective of the advertising company or the adnetwork company. Do you think that, they will prefer to have someone as their publisher, who have been banned from a reputed company(Google) for violating their terms? I know that many of you may say that Google banned me for no reason. But do you think people in the same business trust you? It is business…even if you are telling truth, they won’t care, as they don’t want to take any risk with their business(which involves so much of investment).
So I think, the proper way of promoting a product/service is to use it ourselves and show the rest, how to make use of it effectively.
I have learn’t a lot from different well-known adnetworks….they never use any advertisements on their website(atleast not from other networks!), as they do not want to redirect their customers to any other websites at any cost. <-- Hope you got these lines. I would never use any adnetwork or any advertisements on my website, if I am selling any of my products or services for money. It will be like killing a "hen which lays golden egg", if you use advertisements on a website(dedicated to sell your product/services) where you sell your own products/services. Love to know your opinion on this topic, in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “Some Adnetwork showing Adsense ads on its homepage!”

  1. Nice observation Satish, infact I think maybe they used Google Adsense because they might just earn more than they could have with their own network.

  2. @Gaurav, ofcourse that’s the main reason behind using Adsense I think. But doesn’t that make their customers migrate from their adnetwork to adsense?
    Anyway, thanks for appreciating the observation πŸ™‚

  3. Another reason for using adsense could be, when adsense advertiser’s see clicks from Adsforindians, they can place ads on their network as their rates are very attractive.

    I find their rates are very reasonable and attractive for niche advertisers. The conversion ratio is very good compared to any other ad networks. Another thing is, they charge only for the quality clicks. I am happy with their service. It’s my personal opinion.

  4. FYI. Many Indian genuine adsense accounts have been banned for no reason. It’s easy for your competitors or people who envy your site to kill your account. They can keep clicking on your ads and get you banned from adsense. I was one of the victims.

    In 2005 I switched to Adsforindians and I don’t see any problems till now. Even adsenese ads are also slow many sometimes. It all depends on your net connection.

    I tried all other Indian ad networks, but sticking with Adsforindians for their prompt payments. I just don’t go by any one person’s opinion. Just try yourself and decide. Don’t close your earning opportunities man.

    If you have any problems with their ads, contact their customer service and get your problems fixed.

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