Traffic Strategies PART 4: Promote stories which link to you


Digg, stumble, (share/Vote) those stories on the web which link to your blog homepage or to any of your articles. Vote for it, if its really interesting. If its just a bulk link back to many sites, then you will be hurting your reputation by voting or sharing such stories, as it will not be an interesting thing for others to read(in social book marking sites).
Following this strategy, you get traffic indirectly to your blog. Atleast people will read your blog title or URL in the article you Digg or stumble or Buzz! or to whatever site you submit the story. This brings their attention towards your website URL or its name, the next time when they see your blog title/name or URL(which seems to be familiar to them).
And its also good for your Digg, Stumble, Buzz etc profiles, if you submit stories from different URLs.. As all these networking sites have some tracking systems to track the self promotion and they may even ban or suspend(temporarily or even permanently) your blog URL(and not just your profile!) for submitting all the stories from your own blog.

Following this strategy would increase the (referral visitors) visitors trust level as someone is linking to you, and there is every chance of them becoming your loyal readers, if they like your blog for some reasons.

This strategy is not a “get heavy traffic over night” trick. This will bring in some quality readers to your blog over time.

This is one of the strategies that has worked so well on our blog. And be cautious while submitting stores that link to your blog. See that you don’t over do it and/or only submit stories when someone links to you. This will surly annoy your followers in social book marking sites as well, and you may endup with no followers.

Be smart, use this strategy once in a while and be active in all sites where you share/promote good stories on the web.

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