Ten significance of iphone 5S ready to be launched July 2013


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Faster processor:
According to sources familiar with the plans of iphone 5S, the basic design is just the same as iPhone 5. The significant factor is it comes with a more powerful and advanced processor.


Better camera:
Being the S-class iPhone, it is obvious to get the bar raised and iphone 5S matches with the level with iPhone optics that comes with a much better camera in the same casing. As per the recent speculation, its camera which is based on LED technology comes with Smart Flash and a fingerprint chip while the versions will support time-division duplexing (TDD) standard of China. The improved camera of iphone 5S is produced by Sony and the “smart flash” comes white as well as yellow LEDs and a low-light capability of ƒ2.0. With this the white balance is expected to get improved.

Thinner casting:
The best part is instead of making the casting thinner the device is essentially the same with a slight betterment in the overall quality.

Higher-resolution display:
According to the speculation, in comparison with iPhone 5, the latest model will have a higher-resolution display. In that case the screen of 5S will be more detailed and brighter while the handset will come with a little bit less thickness.

Increased storage capacity:
As per the other anticipations, it will have an increased storage capacity measuring 128GB which is much more than what was available with iPhone 5 with a maximum capacity of 64GB.

New A7 Apple chip:
The new iphone 5S which is going to be launched this summer is expected to be powered by a new A7 Apple chip. This will be baked in 28-nanometer process. It will also have a fingerprint-sensing authentication system. This authentication system is based on technology which was triumphed over by Apple during its borged AuthenTec last fall.

iPhone 5S is speculated to have the same display like that of iPhone 5 with specifications of 7.6mm and 112 grams. It will be same slim as iPhone 5 and weigh same too. Like the present top-of-the-line iPhone 5, it is too anticipated to come with the same metal case. The two color choices may be “white & silver” and “black & slate”.

Variety of colors:
As stated by an industry analyst, iphone 5S will be available in a range of different colors for the first time.

Larger screen:
According to some analysts the newer version will carry a 5-inch screen and this is an upgrade from the previous ones. Apart from being thinner and lighter it will be with bigger screen too. Some predict that the phone will be launched with a 5-inch screen with same resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels which is just the same as iPhone 5 screen.

New operating system:
The latest iPhone 5S comes with iOS 7, the new operating system. This is going to make multitasking and data syncing a lot better.

For the Apple fans the launch of iPhone 5S is going to be quite exciting and though not the most innovative one, it is expected that this gadget is going to be much better than its predecessors. With new powerful processor A6X, 15-megapixel camera loaded with 360-degree Photo Ball feature is definitely going to make exciting photos. Above all it can be said that iPhone 5S with all its new features and technology is going to come up as one of the best models you can check out.

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