How Much Is Your Tweet Worthy ?

Some time back, I wrote about a company called TwittAd that lets you auction off ads on your Twitter profile page. Now, the company is sponsoring WhatsYourTweetWorth. A site where you enter your Twitter username, and it tells you how much your Tweets are worth based on how many followers you have and how often you participate in conversation with others in twitter.

I don’t know about its accuracy. We got a 33.41$ per month. that’s not bad, considering the amount of time I spend on twitter. This number will go high over time, if we get more number of followers and if we participate in twitter actively.

It also seems to take into consideration, how many people we are following. So I don’t know how accurate this tool can be!

As Twittad deals with advertising on users Twitter profile, helps Twittads publishers to get a rough estimation of how much money they can expect from their twitter profile in the auction.

I wonder, what would happen if they manage to get advertisers who can pay such price to advertise on a single page i.e., Twitter profile pages.

Actually we are not writing to analyze its accuracy, but we just wanted to share with you all that such a tool also exists.

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Are you earning from your twitter profile ?

I can’t believe this, but its true. As I was going through my emails, I saw a mail from twittad.

Email from Twittad:-
Dear technotip ,

Congratulations! Your Twitter profile technotip has been sold at

Your profile has been purchased by Twittad for 1 month at $ 5.00 .
Please login to your Twittad account in the next few hours. After login follow the instructions to download the advertisement.
Upload the advertisement onto your Twitter profile by selecting -> Settings -> Design -> Use Custom Style Below -> Browse file for the downloaded ad -> Click Save

Twittad Team

Follow us @Twittad

Here is the details(screen shot) that I got in my Twittad account after activating the advertisement.

To kick start their business, they have started self promotion(they have started advertising about Twittad itself). I think all the twitter users who have signedup for Twittad and have set the price tag 5$ and below, have got this email from Twittad. This campaign is better than providing 5$ bonus for signingup as Twittad publisher 🙂 . And there is nothing to worry for Twittad, because they promise to pay only when your account reaches 20$ ! Hope no one will reach it(atleast not in the near future).

And I don’t think this concept is going to work. Because I myself rarely visit anybodies profile while I am chatting to them on Twitter. So where is the value for advertisers?
I had just signed up for Twittad out of curiosity. And I even fear that, my twitter account may get banned for using it for making some bugs!
Anyway, I don’t use Twitter quite often, so thought of giving it a try. And I am not actually interested in making any money from my twitter account using TwittAd, but I wanted to write an article about it, so just signedup and used it, to know something about it, before writing.

Here is the link to my twitter profile . Visit my profile to see TwittAd advertisement concept live(Only till 17/10/2008 ) 🙂