Problem With ComLuv Plugin ?


It’s a good strategy to show commentators latest blog post at the end of his/her comment. This would drive more people to comment on your blog regularly. With this great idea came a WordPress plugin called ComLuv plugin.

The Problem
Some people are experiencing a problem, where the plugin reports that there are no latest posts to retrieve 🙁
It’s heart breaking to receive such message when you blogged all day night and have published articles every day without fail!


Does this screenshot seem familiar to you? It will not be any more, read on..

Research Phase!
After using all online tools to check the blog’s feed health, blog’s header coding for proper feed address etc, found a solution idea So I’m here sharing this small tip, hoping to save you some time.

Root Cause of the Problem
It is to be noted that and will be treated as two different locations by online automated tools. So, you need to redirect the http requests to any one of the above mentioned form. Choose one or the other form, and don’t get obsessed with it. www is considered as a sub-domain. Now the problem is, ComLuv plugin may be looking at any one of the above mentioned form. If your blog URL is in the other form, then it obviously tells that “there are no latest posts on your blog” or “No last blog posts to show”.

The Solution
1. You can goto your hosting company and tell them to force redirect the http request to any one of the above mentioned form.


2. You can simply start using the way which works with ComLuv plugin! i.e., if you use while commenting and ComLuv didn’t show your latest post. Then change the URL to and in most cases the plugin starts working.

If this worked, then congrats. Bookmark this post and share it with your Twitter and Facebook friends 🙂

4 thoughts on “Problem With ComLuv Plugin ?”

  1. Yes!. I experienced this problem when posting comments on other blogs and got stumped. After thinking for some time, I just changed the url adding ‘www’ and tried. It finally retrieved the latest post.

    I would provide 2 more solutions:
    1. Reprogram the plug-in so that the error is rectified.
    2. Include a tip to enter the complete url i.e with ‘WWW’

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