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Here are the list of things which we expect to be followed by all our visitors, to maintain a healthy environment.

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1. Please use comment section to get involved in a particular discussion.

2. Don’t use abusing language. This will hurt your online reputation. Please respect other commentators and have a good interaction.

Comment mainly for exchange of ideas and to gain knowledge. Don’t just comment to get link back.
Read the post before commenting.

3. We have purposefully not placed any advertisements inside the post, as we consider good user experience  as our primary goal, than making money through advertising.

4. Most of the popular sites have placed CPM(Cost Per 1000 Impression) ads below the comment section, which gets a very little visitors attention. But still the ad generates good revenue, as it is a CPM ad.

But we have not placed such ads also, just to make sure that our website loads faster (again, to make our visitors experience great).

This does not mean that we are not bothered about the advertisers. We are also concerned about the advertisers. All the advertisers advertising on this blog should get value. Think yourself as an advertiser. And your ad is an CPM ad. Now will you be happy to pay for showing your ad in some corner ( which draws no/less user attention) ?

Such an ad campaign would be a loss at the end of the day, with no conversion.

So we have placed limited number of ads and are placed in places which are hard to go unnoticed, but still does not interrupt reading the post.

5. I do not, I have not and I will not link to anyone in my posts in exchange for money or other incentives.

6. I enjoy this blog. I enjoy writing in this blog. And I would love to help all my readers. Actually this is the main purpose behind this blog.

7. We have implemented language translation tool in this blog, so utilize it, if you are not comfortable with English.

8. If you want to quote from, then quote only excerpts ( as it is in our article ), and give a credit link to the exact article above or below your post(Don’t just link to the homepage).

9. Print media’ s must contact me before reprinting the article. Point number 9 also holds good for print media.

10. We consider plagiarism very seriously. And we know all the measures to handle with such issues.

*. And please do not block the advertisements in this blog, using any softwares, scripts etc. Just read the contents you like. Blocking ads will not give value to advertisers and advertisements are the primary source of income to maintain this blog, to host this blog, to take care of all the expenses in the way of blogging.

Note: This policy is subject to change/update at any time, and changes made will be effective immediately.

We have left the comment section even to this page….Just because to get your opinion/feedback about our policies.

And please tell us for any other good policy, which must be added or which must be removed from our list..

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