Keyboard Shortcuts: In WordPress 2.7 and In Future Versions


wordpress-logo-smbutton-greySadly WordPress 2.7 will not be released on Nov 10th, as per the schedule. But the first public beta of WordPress 2.7 is already ready for downloading and testing.  Join the thousands of people already testing 2.7 by downloading 2.7 Beta 1.  As previously mentioned on this blog, wp-2.7 is bringing a new visual design.  This design is almost completely implemented, but there are still a few areas that aren’t quite finished in Beta 1.

If you are using the wp-2.7 Beta 1 you can enable the keyboard short cuts( and the same procedure apply for the final release software ) by visiting the Profile panel in Administration > Users > Your Profile.  Check the Keyboard Shortcuts checkbox to enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation.

  • letter j key, or letter k key, to start navigating.

After that,

  • Pressing j moves the current selection (light-blue background) down.
  • Pressing k moves the current selection (light-blue background) up.
  • Pressing a approves the currently selected comment.
  • Pressing s marks the current comment as spam.
  • Pressing d deletes the current comment.
  • Pressing u unapproves the currently selected comment, placing it back into moderation.
  • Pressing r initiates an inline reply to the current comment (you can press Esc to cancel the reply).
  • Pressing q activates “Quick Edit” which allows for rapid inline editing of the current comment.

Source : Wp-Codex

These shortcuts will be really a boon for those getting high comments or spams 🙂 on their blog.

Keyboard shortcuts make the work finish faster and saves a lot of time.

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