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Its been so long, Darren acquired and we have been expecting some thing very useful from him. Finally he has decided to start with a paid forum. I am sure, he will have plans to expand it, in the future.

Many people may think that paid forum is not the way to go, considering some other good quality forums already available for free. But Darren, is paying for the moderation and he also want to make sure that, the forum is difficult place for spammers!

If spammers want to create multiple accounts, then they obviously need to invest 1.95$ each month, per account 🙂

So far my experience is very good. People are actively, genuinely involved in conversation, and not just to get a link. I feel like visiting the forum frequently and involve in the conversation. Its already a great learning experience for me.
I have seen many high profile bloggers sharing their knowledge in the forum. Only thing is, you need to take advantage by involving in the conversation. Contribute to the community, and learn as much as possible.

In its pre-launch (the forum is not yet officially announced on, though almost everyone know about its launch already!) mode itself this forum has become so popular, I am sure still thousands of people will be joining with the official wordings from Darren Rowse on his blog.


At the time of writing this post, the forum had:
Threads: 188, Posts: 2,063, Members: 1,248.

And not to forget, Darren is offering 50% discount on 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Work Book, for all forum members.

For more details and latest updates, visit

Update: is now officially launched.

If you are already a member, then please share your experience with us..

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  1. Thanks so much for a review of Darren’s new forum/community. I’d been looking for a review EVERYWHERE. Its great that he’s paying for moderation, that will definitely help keep the spammers at bay and at 1.95/mo you can’t beat that price.

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