Charts and More Data Available: WebMaster Tool


If you havn’t logged into your webmaster tool account recently, then you do it now: there are some very useful features added to it recently.

Log into your webmaster tool account and click on the “Top search queries” link.


New Features:
1. Addition of Charts to visualize your Top search queries, click throughs, impressions etc. You can filter the results by date, location and the medium used to access your website.
2. You can now see the keywords to which your pages ranked and also the position of your website in the search result pages.
3. You can see and analyze more data: Now webmasters tool shows more than 100 keywords, to which your website ranked in the search result page.
4. In the “labs”, Sidewiki has been added. It is a service offered by Google that lets users contribute helpful entries about the current webpage.
5. Now you can also configure Google Services at your hosting panel.

Using all these useful data you can clearly analyze what topics you are ranking high and what you need to do to retain the position. One of the trick is to write more of what people want and to which you are already ranking high in the search engine. This way, you can increase your organic traffic.

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