Avoid Confusion between Search form and Email subscription form!


Have you ever found the email subscription form and the search form boxes confusing?

I have seen many people keying in some keywords(query) and hit the subscribe button bymistake and they will be taken to the popup subscription form and they will close it. And sometimes people put there email ID in the search form and press search button, expecting the subscription form to come!
This happens because the search form and the feedburner email subscription form somewhat look alike.

To avoid confusion it is recommended to show some message inside the box, like Subscribe now, Google Custome Search Engine etc. Take a look at the below image:
Along with these changes[adding custom message], changing its look is better, to avoid any sort of confusion.

So inorder to avoid confusion among your readers, just make them look different.
Do not make any changes(manually in the coding) to your Adsense Search Form, as it may be against Adsense TOS.

So the leftout option is email Subscription form. Make it look different. Add colored borders, make it thick, change the length of the email form, etc.
Here is some code to help you change the look of your subscription form:
Put these codes into your style.css (StyleSheet)

border: solid 1px #ccc;
padding: 1px 2px;

Look at the below codes[marked area] and change your codes accordingly:-
And before feeling happy about the changed subscription form, just check it once, whether it is working properly or not. Some times it gives the error message like, you have not enabled the email subscription option in your account or something like that.
If this is the case with you, just check the coding once again and it should work(if done correctly), if you have not disabled the email subscription option in your feedburner account!

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