Battery problem with your Phone? Try this before purchasing new one

Battery problems are common with mobile phones these days. As the cost of the phone goes down the quality of some of the key components reduce significantly[Most of the times!]. Their one year warranty will be of great use most of the time!

Ok, today on our Sunday Mobile tips we have a simple but yet sometime a great money saving tip for you.
If your mobile phone starts showing battery weak suddenly and if it keeps popping the same message each time, even after hours of charging, then you must read this article till end 🙂
Most of the time this is due to a software problem. Mainly the 3rd party software you use on your phone. And you believe it or not, some times the call dropping and other problems also start due to overloading of your phone memory.
As a quick solution for these kind of problem, just restore your phone to “factory settings”, and your phone will start working normally.

While this is not a case most of the time, but its better to check before going and purchasing a brand new, branded battery, which will cost you a lot.
Hope this tip helps atleast some of you. Please share your tips, tricks or any other things that you have experienced with your phone.