Best Flip Cover / Case For Moto G

Moto G is one of the best quality budget phone I’ve used so far. No lags while playing games, and no slow down of the processing after installing so many applications. If you are planing to purchase a phone for around 14k, then go for Moto G without second thought.

Since I own Moto G, people keep asking me to recommend good quality cover for it. So finally felt like writing a post about the one I’m using and satisfied with.

I like flipcovers. I’m using one for my Nexus 5 too. Motorola Flip Cover for Moto G is an awesome product. It fits in perfectly. It has magnetic lock, with automatic sleep and wakeup of the screen. One of the best flip covers for Moto G, and I highly recommend it.



It has good grip on your hand. Protects the phone, especially the front side from scratch. If you’re looking for cheap covers, think again. You’ve invested so much on the phone, why compromise when it comes to protecting the phone.

Motorola Flip Cover for Moto G

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Best Flip Cover / Case For Nexus 5

I was one of the early adopters of Nexus 5 – I mean, I bought one early on. Ordered it from United States. So was looking for Nexus 5 Cover / Case before the device was officially available in India. To my disappointment, there were no better option. And the official cover / case for sale on Google Play was too costly and was not yet available on Indian play store.

Early Flip Cover
Previously I had linked to Capdase Flip Cover for LG / Google Nexus 5, as it was the only Flip Case which was available. But this flip-cover was reported to ruin your Nexus 5 screen / screen guard with its suction cups. Doesn’t have wake / sleep functionality. And catches dust and greasiness easily.

Why Flip Cover:
Even though Nexus 5 comes with scratch proof Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, I always wanted a Flip Cover, like the one we see with Samsung Note 3. My mom and girlfriend wear ear rings and I don’t like that metal piece scratching my Nexus 5 😐

Recommended / Best Flip Cover:
After about a month of official release of Nexus 5 in India, some online stores started displaying flip covers for Nexus 5. I started reading some reviews. Most of the flip covers had bad review and most of them purchased it only because there were no better option yet.



After looking and comparing the existing flipcovers and the materials used in it, I ordered Nillkin Flip For LG Nexus 5.

Nillkin Flip Cover is a Premium Quality Flip Cover for Nexus 5:
It has 46g Gross Weight.
Dimension: (177 x 100 x 18) mm
Material: Leather & Soft Fabric (Inside), Leather (Outside)
It has automatic wake / sleep functionality – need not install any 3rd party applications!
Magnetic Closure so that the cover doesn’t open when tilted downwards.



You can order Nillkin Flip Cover for Nexus 5
It’s also available in different colors: Black, Light Blue, Yellow, Red

Amazon: Nillkin Flip for LG Google Nexus 5

Amazon India: Nillkin Flip for LG Google Nexus 5

FlipKart: Nillkin Flip for LG Google Nexus 5




Over to you ..
Let us know what other accessories you’re using for your Nexus 5, and how does it work..