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Recommending Doreo Host

Previously was hosted at Yahoo! and due to very bad downtime, I thought to shift it to some other reliable hosting company. I just Googled around and saw that Dreamhost was the most popular and almost all its customers were praising it in an unbelievable manner. I just jumped to buy hosting with them, and sent an email, asking for some clarifications. And I got a very fast response and with all my basic doubts cleared. I was still more impressed. But I was smelling a Rat, due to its offering of Terabytes of bandwidth and 500GB or more..of disk space.

I just bookmarked most of the websites that promoted Dreamhost and was watching for its reliability. To my wonder, all these sites had downtime of almost 2 to 4 times a day (yes, you heard it right, the downtime was on every day).

Frequent downtime means trouble to your visitors and to your SERP ranking. Search Engines will surly not be able to access your website/blog and this will surly have a very bad effect on PR and over all SERP ranking.

About the bandwidth offering from many hosting companies, are simply useless.Because, a very famous website/blog will not use even 20GB of Bandwidth.

About Bandwidth:

When a visitor views your site, all the text, pictures, and other files that make up your web pages are transferred to your visitor’s computer. Data transfer is a measure of the total amount of information your visitors view each month.
An average 5-page site with text and pictures will use 0.0003GB of data transfer per visit. A site with music and videos will use 0.02GB of data transfer per visit.

Doreo offers almost 60GB Bandwidth for its beginner hosting plan. It is cost effective, reliable, Digg proof, Spam free, very fast servers and the best hosting company with best uptime records.

Click here to see the cost of different plans and features.

Click here to see the Uptime records.

Click here to see the proof for best Spam filtering.

Update: Here at, we recommend only things which brings value to our visitors and to our recommendation. In order to give more value to our visitors, we had a deal with Doreo host and asked for a discount coupon or promo code.
And we are very much happy to announce that, we have got a promo code “” (without cotes). This would give you FREE hosting for first 45 days or 12$ discount for all other hosting plans with Doreo.
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And I must tell about its Support staff. They are the best and highly dedicated. They can do any kind of help related to your hosting. Many times, the Support staff itself will install software for you and setup the wordpress and everything, if you ask them to do. You will just have to start blogging.

And those who are searching for a good host, to transfer their already existing files from their previous host, then Doreo host would be a perfect solution. You will be guided by the support person so well that, you will find it no difficult in the entire process of transferring.

There are some video tutorials to help us get familiar with their cpanel, fantastico ( for one click installation of wordpress and other software) and other services.

And you can chat with the Support staff and get solutions for your problems instantly. I haven’t waited more than 5 minutes for the reply.

About their Reliability:

Doreo has been in the web hosting business for over 7 years. They have hosted websites from the smallest personal sites to high volume websites like They strive to maintain a “small company” personality for their customers while still providing an excellence in support in reliability ( Doreo host  average server uptime was over 99.9% in 2005, 99.994% in 2006 and 99.982% in 2007 as report by HyperSpin independent monitoring ).

And the best part is, you can see the status of your server at Doreo any time.

Quality Hardware:

Doreo Hosting uses only Dell and SuperMicro servers. All Doreo web servers have the following minimum specification:

  • Dual Xeon 3.0 Ghz
  • 2 GB memory
  • Hard Drives setup in hardware RAID for fault tolerance

Quality Network

Doreo hosting provides over 15 GB of network capacity utilizing multiple tier-1 network providers. Current network providers includes:

  • Savvis
  • Leve3
  • Telia
  • nLayer

For more details on the Doreo network, please visit their network page.

Bad things with other hosting companies are, they oversell their service(i.e., by offering unlimited bandwidth/disk space or tera bytes of bandwidth/disk space etc). And they will accumulate many sites on one server and get things to jam easily. Because of this, they will have many downtime’s each day. is now hosted at Doreo, and I am a happy, satisfied customer.

If you have used Doreo host , please share your thoughts and experience with us.
And also share your experience with current hosting company..