Feedburner – Tips to add latest post’s title as Subject of email

Most awaited feature of feedburner is now live(without any official word!).
How it feels to see 10 to 20 emails with the same subject line/title and from the same person? Even if the content of the mail is different we get irritated to open it and read. Many times, when we are busy and want to clean/process the inbox, we just delete such mails.
Feedburner used to send a static subject line with all the email updates. But now they have added a feature, using which we can customize the email Subject line and make it more meaningful.

Use ${latestItemTitle} to insert your latest post’s title into the Subject/Title of email.

If we have multiple blog posts?
With two or more items in the update, ${n} shows the total number of items, and ${m} shows the number of items beyond the latest.

Technotip.org: ${latestItemTitle}
Technotip.org: “${latestItemTitle}” plus ${m} more
Technotip.org (in this message: ${n} new items)

To activate this, log into your feedburner account. Click on “Publicize” tab. Next, look for “Email Subscriptions(Offer feed updates via email)” link at the left side side bar, click on it. A number of sub-menu items will be shown, among them, click on “Email Branding” link. Now you can follow the above tips to customize the email title/subject line. Actually those tips are given by feedburner on the customization page itself.
Thanks Feedburner..also fix the chicklet count fluctuation problem!

If you are a blogger, make sure you make use of this feature and stop annoying your email subscribers!

Google has now announced about the introduction of this feature on Adsense for Feed blog.