Build Adword Ads in Minutes

Google has released the AdWords display ad builder, which lets you create professional-looking display ads in AdWords without needing to hire a professional designer or start from scratch.

And the best part of this tool is, it converts your ad to fit all possible placements across the Google content network, including video and game placements.

To start creating your ads, click Display Ad Builder on the Create an ad page within a new or existing campaign in your AdWords account.

And the sad part asusual is, this feature is presently only available to all advertisers in the U.S. and Canada.

Hope Google rolls this feature to all its adword customers soon. Meanwhile watch this short video tutorial demonstrating how to create your first ad:

If you are new to AdWords and want to learn more about creating and running display ads, visit the new Display Ads 101 tutorial.

And watch above video even if the feature is not yet available to you, because we think that this feature will soon be available to everyone of us, as Adwords is bread and butter to Google, and I am sure Google won’t delay with releasing any feature to its adword customers.

With this improvements in Adwords, we are expecting more creative and interactive advertisements on blogs running Adsense ads.

And there is another thing to observe in the above video. Google is using its own browser while creating such video demos and tutorial, which will also motivate others to use it. So we need to be an idol for others when it comes to using our products efficiently.