Surf Locally, Without Being Local: GeoSurf™


Lets talk about some serious business: Have you ever bought some inventory on a United States website, sitting in India & wanted to see how it looks for your US clients?

If nothing else, you could be interested in seeing what your competitor is upto in certain country. Where else they are advertising and what creative they are using etc.

Proxy Server
When these kind of situations occur, one thing we all know from our school days is to quickly visit particular site via proxy server!
Oh, did you know this trick as well ?

If yes, then how often these proxy servers failed to show the web pages you are trying to load. How many times these pages kept on loading ?
How many times your browser crashed while trying random proxy sites.

Do Business From Your Country, At Your Comfort
Small businesses like analytics companies for example, need to check their clients inventories from various locations. But they can’t afford to open their company branches in various countries.
In such a situation, they can simply invest a small amount of money in services like GeoSurf and operate comfortably from a single location.


GeoSurf™: Surf Locally, Without Being Local
It’s basically a simple toolbar. Once you install it to your browser, you need to login, select the country from which you want to see a particular website, then hit Apply. It’s that simple. And in seconds you will be surfing the site using GeoSurf locally.

GeoSurf™ is browser toolbar that enables users to get the local perspective from more than 80 global locations. It is often used
by online media professionals (buyers, campaign managers, sales, affiliates, and compliance teams) to view geo-targeted ads and
web content. This way, they can easily validate and monitor campaigns, see who is bidding on localized ad placements, generate
new sources of business, and enhance current marketing activities. It is straight-forward and easy-to-use. The toolbar grants
access to our network of servers that provide our premium proxy service. All of the servers on our network are owned by us,
thereby making them fast, secure, and reliable.

Why GeoSurf ?
GeoSurf is a business intelligence browser add-on that allows you to surf and view content from more than 80 countries and US locations.
It’s an excellent solution for media buyers, campaign managers, sales managers and business development executives.

With GeoSurf you can easily:
– See who’s bidding on your traffic sources
– Perform advanced business intelligence on your competitors
– Confirm geo targeted content is displayed correctly
– and much more..

I have been using GeoSurf for sometime now.
They don’t have ugly popups, popunders! etc.

The main advantages of using GeoSurf:
All the servers are owned by them, so they are fast and reliable.

I used it for some days without any trouble, so thought of reviewing them on my blog.

How I use it ?
I turn on this add-on and start searching for the main keywords of my blog.
I can easily track the rank of my blog for various countries. It helps a lot in creating niche sites targeting specific countries.
Have you heard: You can’t easily beat your competition for a competitive keyword ? Did you think, you can atleast rank high for such a keyword in specific or some countries atleast!

Surfing from various countries was never easier then this. Signup for a trial account, absolutely for free -> SignUp for GeoSurf™

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