Not Able To Login After Enabling 2-step Verification: Google Account


If you are not able to log into your YouTube, Android, iPhone, GoogleTalk/Pidgin client, POP/IMAP, Outlook – home computer, Thunderbird, Google TV, Picasa desktop client etc accounts after enabling 2 – step verification for your Google Account, then here are simple 1-2-3 steps to solve your problems. Step 1: It’s very simple, so stop worrying!

Log into your Main Google Account.
Goto “My Accounts”.


If you are inside GMail, at the top right corner there is a link for “Settings”. Inside Settings -> “Accounts and Import” tab -> Under “Change account settings:” -> Click on “Other Google Account settings”.

Now follow the screen shots below:
Click on “Authorizing application & sites”


Verify your Google Account once again use your regular Google username and password.


Some applications that access your Google Account (such as Gmail on your phone or Outlook) cannot ask for verification codes. To use these applications, you will not use verification codes. Instead, you’ll enter an application-specific password in place of your normal password. Common applications and devices that require an application-specific password include:

1. Enter the application name, that you are not able to login. Hit “Generate Password“.


2. In the next screen you will get a password and you can use this application specific password and log into your account.


3. You can click on revoke link to remove the application specific password previously generated.

If you check the “remember password for this computer” check box, then you need not remember this complicated password.

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