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Advertisement: is officially launched today(12th Jan 2009).

This is the most complete Internet Marketing and Online Business training program on the web. Just don’t believe on my words, have a look at who would be involved in the training program.


There are many free online marketing and business resources available on the internet and usually from a single person, who may or may not be an expert in whatever he is giving it for free. But in case of, they have a panel of experts who are well experienced and successful in whatever topic they are dealing with. So you need not worry about the quality of program.

Here is a list of experts who are responsible for producing materials for

1. Michael Gray:- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert.

2. Neil Patel:- Founder of ACS SEO

3. Yaro Starak:- Authority on the Internet Marketing niche.

4. Daniel Scocco:- Graduated in International Economics and Business Administration.

5. Tamar Weinberg:- Most active and influential social media users.

6. Hamlet Batista:- Started working with SEO and affiliate marketing in the early 2000s. Today he has one of the most advanced SEO software tools on the market, called RankSense.

7. Zac Johnson:- Started working with affiliate marketing from his teenage.

8. Courtney Tuttle:- He is an expert with keyword research, and you can find his articles on this topic on

9. Nathan Rice:- A professional web designer, specialized in WordPress development. He co-founded a design company called iThemes.

10. Skellie Wag:- Editor and social media strategist of the Envato network.

Hope there will be some more people working for, and its a sure thing that you get quality training.

There will be 21 training modules which include topics like basic web design, Pay-per-Click advertising, email marketing,social media branding etc.

Take a detailed look at the topics they cover in this training program:-

Module 1: Introduction and Business Principles

* Lesson 1: What Is Internet Marketing?
* Lesson 2: Business Principles
* Lesson 3: 7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid

Module 2: Domain Names

i* Lesson 4: The Importance of the Domain
* Lesson 5: The Research Process
* Lesson 6: Tool And Resources

Module 3: Setting Up Your Website

* Lesson 7: Web Hosting Basics
* Lesson 8: How to Choose a Hosting Company and Use cPanel
* Lesson 9: Content Management Systems (CMS)

Module 4: WordPress

* Lesson 10: Basic Setup
* Lesson 11: Plugins and Resources
* Lesson 12: Advanced Optimization

Module 5: Web Design for Entrepreneurs

* Lesson 13: HTML and CSS
* Lesson 14: Designing for Profits and Accessibility
* Lesson 15: Outsourcing Your Web Design

Module 6: Business Models

* Lesson 16: What is a Business Model?
* Lesson 17: Online Business Models

Module 7: Selecting Your Niche

* Lesson 18: Passion and Profits
* Lesson 19: Market Research
* Lesson 20:100 Niches Analyzed – Part 1
* Lesson 21:100 Niches Analyzed – Part 2

Module 8: Blogs

* Lesson 22: Why Blogs?
* Lesson 23: Blogging Dos and Don’ts
* Lesson 24: Design Optmization
* Lesson 25: Promoting Your Blogs
* Lesson 26: Guest Bloggers and Staff Writers

Module 9: Other Types of Websites

* Lesson 27: Online Forums
* Lesson 28: Mini Websites
* Lesson 29: Online Stores

Module 10: Web Content and Copywriting

* Lesson 30: Copywriting Basics
* Lesson 31: Linkbairs, Socialbaits and Viral Content
* Lesson 32: Outsourcing Your Web Content

Module 11: Basic SEO

* Lesson 33: Understanding Search Engines
* Lesson 34: On-site Search Engine Optimization
* Lesson 35: Off-site Search Engine Optimization
* Lesson 36: Linkbuilding

Module 12: Advanced SEO

* Lesson 37: Keyword Research
* Lesson 38: Competition Analysis
* Lesson 39: Targeting Highly Competitive Terms

Module 13: Generating Traffic

* Lesson 40: Basic Traffic Generation Strategies
* Lesson 41: Advanced Traffic Generation Strategies

Module 14: Social Media

* Lesson 42: Social Networks
* Lesson 43: The Secrets of Social Bookmarking
* Lesson 44: How to Become a Social Media Power User
* Lesson 45: Branding Your Business with Social Media

Module 15: Web Metrics

* Lesson 46: Basic Concepts
* Lesson 47: Google Analytics
* Lesson 48: Analyzing the Numbers

Module 16: Selling Advertising

* Lesson 49: CPC Advertising
* Lesson 50: CPM Advertising
* Lesson 51: Direct Advertising Sales
* Lesson 52: Harvest vs. Growth Strategies

Module 17: Email Marketing

* Lesson 53: Email List Building
* Lesson 54: Relationships and Profits

Module 18: Affiliate Marketing

* Lesson 55: Affiliate Marketing Basics
* Lesson 56: Finding Opportunities and Resources
* Lesson 57: Driving Sales

Module 19: PPC (Pay-per-Click)

* Lesson 58: PPC Basics
* Lesson 59: PPC for Market Research
* Lesson 60: PPC Dos and Don’ts

Module 20: Landing Pages

* Lesson 61: Basics of Landing Pages
* Lesson 62: Landing Page Optimization

Module 21: Selling Your Products

* Lesson 63: The Sales Funnel
* Lesson 64: Creating Your Product
* Lesson 65: Pricing
* Lesson 66: Product Launch Strategies

Isn’t this a great list. We know that many of these things are already available online. But I bet you, will surly have somethings new and valuable. As all the trainers are well-versed in their niche.

You need not have any technical skills to join this program, you will learn many things from basic. You just need to spend a few hours weekly to learn the contents and to interact with other members(in a private forum). The course materials include text and audio formats, a new material is provided every Monday and Thursday(for 12 months). And Upon completing the 6 months of the training program every member will receive an eBook with all the 66 lessons, interviews and case studies. That eBook will be yours to keep forever.

The Online Profits training program will be open for new members from January 12 until January 16 only. The launch price is $48 monthly, and the program has a duration of six months. After January 16 the program will close its doors to ensure and meet the expectations of all the registered members.

Late in 2009 the program will open again, but with a price of $98 monthly. If you join now, therefore, you will be able to attend the program for 50% of the price.
If you join the program and within 30 days find out that it is not what you were looking for, they will refund your first payment immediately. No questions asked. Additionally, even if you go past the first month, you won’t have an obligation whatsoever to pay for the 6 months of the program. You can quit at anytime and won’t be charged again.

So I hope this is one of the best and the safest online program I have seen so far, by looking at the successful people who are going to be part of

If you are really serious and want to learn from the people who have already learnt and have lot of experience, then is for you.
I really admire the works of Daniel Scocco, and this one is his master piece work. He is always committed to provide value to his customers. So we highly recommend for anyone who seriously want to learn Internet Marketing and Online Business.

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