FAQ — Frequently asked questions.

1.What is the purpose of this site ?

A: It covers all aspects of life in a technical way.It mainly concentrates on blogging community, their health and lifestyle, their problems and its solution, SEO, new technology, usefull softwares, web 2.0 etc.But the advantage is, the articles are written in such a way that it will also be useful for non-blogging community.

2.Who is the author of this site?

A: The site is written by Satish Achar, a welknown technology expert, networker and a computer geek.He holds a computer science degree and he is presently purusing Master of Computer Applications(MCA) in VTU university.

3.How old is this blog?

A: Technotip.org was launched on 18th June 2008.

4.How old are you?

A: hmm..its a changing factor.So let me tell you my Date-of-Birth.

I was born on June 01, 1987.

5.How many hours do you spend blogging?

A: It actually depends on my mood and the situation.I usually blog for a maximum of 8hr and minimum of 2hrs.

6.What blog platform do you use?

A: WordPress.

7.How much do you earn by this blog?

A: I cannot give any numbers, but I can tell you that, it covers my hosting charges, coffee, small parties, to get some cool gadgets, to cover my Master Degree fees etc.Its still an initial 3 figure income per month.

8.Can Technotip.org link to my blog?

A: I love to link to all the Technotip.org readers blog.But due to large number we can’t do it.

But there is a way to get the Linkback.You can just visit my Homepage and see the middle column specially meant to credit my blogs top commentators.You will get a linkback from my blogs homepage, isn’t it a great thing!

9.Can we connect on social networking sited?

A: Sure.Here are the links to my profiles at Orkut, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Digg, stumbleupon

10.How can I subscribe to Technotip.org ?

A: You can follow the latest posts through RSS feeds and/or email subscription.And Happy to announce that, we give full feed in our RSS and email subscriptions.

11.Can I reprint your articles on my blog or in an other publications?

A: All the contents in technotip.org is subjected to copyright law and is solely owned by is its author.You are free to quot the lines(1 or 2 lines, or a max of 1 paragraph), provoided you give the credit linkback to the exact original url of the article on technotip.org.

All other illegal theft of contents will be handled seriously.

12.I need some help or have a question or want to give a positive/negative feed back.How do I contact you?

A: For all the questions related to any particular article, please properly use the comment section present at the end of each article.

For all other queries you can contact me via Contact form.