Attack On Orkut: Ruim Sabado!


Its ruim sabado (BAD saturday) for Orkut and Orkut users. From today morning a virus has been spreading like wild fire!


If you are not aware: There is a virus attack( cross-site scripting attack ) on Orkut and once your profile gets infected, it will automatically start sending mass scrap reading “Bom Sabodo“(which means “Good Saturday” in Portuguese, which is also the official language of Brazil).

This script also automatically joins you to some porno kind of community. If you saw your friends joining some porn like community on Orkut, then congrats, within minutes or seconds your friends will be notified that you have also joined such a community. You are infected too!

Only suggestion I have heard so far is, not to use Orkut until there is official words about this by Orkut team – Orkut blog.

Update: Everything seems to be under control now. The virus is not spreading now. But you have to mannually unjoin from those automatically joined communities.

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