Personalized Payment Page: PayPal.Me

PayPal has been widely used by freelancers and other businesses to send and receive money. Over years many such payment gateways have emerged and still PayPal is a prominent tool for most people.

Personalized Payment Page
Now you can set up a personal page(Payment Profile Page) to receive money from your clients. Visit PayPal.Me and create a username and upload a profile picture, so that your clients know who they are sending money to. Make sure the username(vanity URL) reflects your business(my personal view) For example: My username is technotip which reflects my business name. If you’ve built or trying to build personal branding, then go with your name(and sure name, maybe) Ex: book authors.


Payment: One click payment
Once you create your payment page, you can append the amount along with the URL of your page and send it to your client. For Example: My page is at PayPal.Me/Technotip If I want to charge my client with $25, I would append it with the URL like this PayPal.Me/Technotip/25 and send it to him/her. Client can click the link and pay using his/her credit card or debit card or his/her PayPal account.

Why Personalized Page?
Some times we might type wrong email address / PayPal id and send money – this leads to days of back and forth email exchange to get the money back. I’ve an email ID with .org extension but sometimes(even after explicitly specifying it to clients) clients send money to .com extension and think I got the money. We need to bug PayPal support team to get back the money and channel it in right direction. With Personalized Payment Pages I can simply send the link and they can pay me in few seconds without any hassle.