How to reduce file size of an image in 10 seconds

Photos shot with digital camera usually have a huge file size – anywhere from 6MB to 12MB. If you use these images on a webpage it’ll take a lot of time for the page to load. This creates a lot of problems: user has to wait till the page loads, consumption of server bandwidth, more consumption of users internet data, and it’s not good from SEO angle too!

No Photoshoping
You need not be a photoshop expert to do this. Infact, you need not even install any complicated software.

If you’re on Windows, then you already have the software installed in your system by default.

How to reduce file size of an image and resize(image dimension) the image
Open the image in ms-paint.
Click Ctrl + w and resize the image.
Now save the image and check the file size.

This way you don’t even lose the quality of the image.