Google Allo – smart messaging app

Google finally launched its Google Allo mobile app which uses Google Assistant, a feature that Google announced at the I/O developers conference. Its interesting to see how Google will acquire any considerable market share which is already filled with popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, WeChat and its own Hangout!

Google Assistant: USP of Google Allo
While we chat with a friend(one-to-one) or when in a group chat, (in the same chat window) we can ask the assistant for the nearest pizza store or find restaurants nearby – just mention @google and ask your question and Google Assistant will do its best to help you out. Remember, Google Assistant takes time to learn about you so that it can answer you accurately.


Google Allo Features
1. You can chat with Google Assistant and its artificial intelligence will try to give you natural looking answers and search results for things you ask for.
2. Once you start using Google Assistant, it’ll learn about you and try to give answers you can appreciate.
3. You can form groups for chat and share videos, photographs etc.
4. You can edit pics and draw random things before sending it.
5. Based on your location Google Assistant will help you locate nearby restaurants, ATM, Banks etc.
6. You can emphasis words by making it capital and increasing its size.
7. Lot of Emoji and stickers to express!
8. Predicts your replies and has texts showing up before you type anything – you can simply select these replies.
9. Other features include but not limited to incognito mode, WhisperShout(text-capitalizing, increasing font size), Ink(doodle the image), end-to-end encryption to name some.

Google has launched Google Allo to both android and iOS platforms simultaneously. You can follow the link below and download.

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Over time Google would want to enable developers to integrate their tool/software with Google assistant bot and help Google Allo users to get information from your software/bot straight into their personal smart messaging app. For example, if you have pizza store and user types in your pizza store along with name of the pizza he or she must be presented with the price and availability right inside Google Allo.

Going forward we can see some stiff competition from Facebook Messenger(which will also be enabled with AI shortly) and Google Allo. All I can say is, give developers more facility and you’re already a step ahead in the game, step on their foot(like Twitter did), and you’ll feel the heat.

Let us know what you think about Google Allo.